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Sales Resolutions for 2012!

December 31, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s that time of the year again!

Slates, or should I say iPads/Tablets, wiped clean and kept poised to capture “Fresh Ideas” and “Brand New Resolutions”!

The year 2012 is connected with forecasts of doom, damnation and ending! And I agree; here are a few things that should come to such a pass:

– It’s time to End Sloth, Doom Bad Habits and Damn all Unethical Practices!

That said let me move on to what I think can bring you success in 2012.

Sales is one of the oldest professions in the world and it’s going to stay for a long time to come. A wise person said: “Nothing happens until somebody sells something!” It’s sure holds true for all business.

Methods change, new tools come into play but the fundamentals of Sales remain the same – they are eternal principals and all Sales Professionals would do well to get them into the DNA.

Here are a few things that, I think, will separate the men from the boys:

  1. Prospect: You are only as good as the last sale you made. In order to ensure a steady flow of business and to get business that brings lasting value to your organisation you need to choose well. You also need to look in the right place and do it consistently. Choose well.
  2. Learn new Skills: Or go the way of the Dodo! Yes, the founding principles of Sales remain the same but the rules of the game are constantly changing. So you need to stay updated. Use technology, learn to take advantage of Social Media, get trained in Sales Techniques, get smarter in analyzing your results and in understanding the changes in the market. Get ahead!
  3. Retain your customers: It takes 5 to 7 new customers to provide the revenue generated from a well – entrenched existing account. By losing an account you are taking quite a few backward steps. Don’t forget your existing accounts in the mad rush to acquire new business. Hold them close to your heart!
  4.  Customer First: Everything you do at work should be customer focused – there is no business if there aren’t customers. Product Development, Customer Service, Communication and Processes, just about everything should be customer focused. Get aligned!
  5. Execute! Execute! Execute: Any Plan is only as good as how it’s rolled out and acted upon. We start the year with noble intentions and soon get distracted by contingencies and random events. Stay focused and committed. Remember that “the best laid plans of men and mice often go awry”, so be ready with a Plan – B!

Dear Sales Pro, here’s wishing you huge success in 2012; let it be another glorious year of Selling!

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