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Let’s Show the World!

May 6, 2012 7 comments

Yes, it still is the Sales Coach Blog and the stated intent of the author is to present themes related to Sales, Managerial Excellence and Productivity Enhancement – but every once in a while I wish to add a human interest story or a social obligation theme; this will happen till I create an exclusive vehicle for that purpose.

Let me put it this way …. I am selling humanness too?

At 11 a.m. today the first episode of Bollywood Star Aamir Khan’s much publicized and cleverly positioned TV show, Satyamev Jayate, made a somber start and soon put India on an emotional roller-coaster ride – it had the Khan, his studio audience and millions across the country going teary-eyed hearing the wretched stories of a handful of mothers – the virus of female foeticide has spread right across the country in the last 30 years and shocked viewers heard horrifying stories and statistics.

Many slammed the show – they called it a drama and a sham; there were those who derided the sponsor, the wife of a leading businessmen in the country, for shedding crocodile tears.

My take on the show is this – Yes, Aamir Khan had cleverly positioned himself as the champion of the poor and the conscience keeper of the nation. Yes, the Ambani family has created a monstrosity in Mumbai, bang in the middle of a slum, to celebrate their wealth. Yes, the show appeared a bit filmy and the emotions displayed seemed a touch false.

I am saying … Ignore all that!

Answer these first:

  • How many of us can say that we have been contributing our bit for the betterment of this country and its people?
  • How many of us have contributed even 5% of our income each year for a noble purchase?
  • Have we helped one needy child to get educated?
  • Have we helped one battered woman to get justice?
  • Who amongst us has given a reformed convict a livelihood?
  • Is there a fertile woman who decided against having her own child and decided to give an orphaned child a home?
  • Have we voluntarily educated impoverished children – not by paying their fees, but by actually spending time to teach them?
  • How many handicapped people are employed in our organisations?
  • Have we provided a shelter to any homeless family?
  • How many hungry mouths have we fed in the last one year?
  • How many people have we healed and brought back to good health?
  • Have we given a lonely or broken person a significant portion of your precious time?
  • Have we promised our organs to benefit someone after our time?

To how many of these questions have we answered YES or given a number greater than ZERO?

Let us remember some truisms:

–          It is easy to talk

–          It seems smart to point fingers

–          It seems fake when someone else is doing it

–          It’s tough to part with our hard-earned money

–          It’s smart to save up for a rainy day than to give

–           It’s tough to action our good intentions

I have learned that if I can’t do it let me step aside, keep my mouth shut and let the other man do what he is capable of – and when I see good being done let me be the first one to stand up and applaud!

If and when possible let me pitch in with what little is possible from my side … soon I will realise that so much more is possible, if I permit myself to do so!

Ignore the nay-sayers, stamp out the doubts … it’s time to begin …… and try not to make a show of it!

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Lend a hand!

January 15, 2012 14 comments

For the second consecutive Sunday I went out Birding with friends; we were doing our bit to gather valuable information that could help Conservation Scientists and Planner take crucial decisions to protect our fragile Earth.

Last weekend it was Trichur and this time we were at the marshes, jheels and a Salt-pan of South Tamil Nadu.

When our group, consisting of four enthusiasts, stopped at the Salt Pan a young fellow walked up to us and asked what we doing with the binoculars and cameras. When we said its called Birding he said there are just mynas in the area. We showed him a dozen species through the lenses and he got interested. He tagged along, took charge of my binoculars and kept looking at the birds as if he was Dr. Salim Ali.

Sivashankar, that’s his name, showed us around the pans – the strongest bunds and the best routes. We discovered that he is in high – school and can ride the motor cycle well.

He asked us to send him a copy of his photo that we had taken.

Off we went to another jheel not far from the salt-pan and another local man took interest in our activities. When he heard that we were here to see migratory birds he gave us a kist of locations of other ponds in that area – and insisted that we follow him to one location.

He drove his bike ahead of our car and took us well over a kilometer to a place were we saw a number of birds. He even gave us his phone number and said we can call him as guide the next time we are in the area.

What made Sivasankar and the other person take so much trouble to help? They weren’t expecting anything in return. I think such actions come from the ability to find joy in helping others.

It’s an attitude – to associate with another person, to communicate and to be of help. They were genuinely happy to help us.

As professionals we too get a lot of opportunities to build bridges, to associate, to come to the aid of people. How often do we grab such opportunities to create a favourable impression or seek to experience the pure joy that comes from being of use to a fellow human – being.

I know it’s a great feeling ….. Reach out!

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Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2011 2 comments

It’s Christmas – time to be with family and friends, a time to be happy, a time for having fun …

Readership on my page has dropped drastically the last 2 days – I am sure its because people are away on vacation or are taking a break from regular stuff. So I thought my blog post should stay away from a discussion on Sales and talk about the Spirit of Christmas.

While its the time for fun and partying let us remember what Christmas truly stands for; its about sacrifice, caring, sharing and giving!

– What have you shared during the past year?

– Whom have you forgiven?

– Who and what do you really care about?

– Have you given away a bit to someone needy?

During festivities and celebrations we remember our family, friends and colleagues; we send greeting cards, text messages or at the very least, an email. The really intimate friends or close family members are visited or invited home. But what about our customers?

Did you remember them this time?

In India, during Diwali most organisations send sweets and other gifts to their customers; visitors to the office are given goodies. Come January, across the World its a Corporate practice to give Diaries, Calenders and similar other items to key customers.

It is not the size or the value of the gift that matters – its the caring manner in which its done. Even a nicely worded message or a phone call would do. Remember you customers, give them a call and you will be remembered when they are making the buying decisions.

Spread happiness … it has a way of coming back to you – Merry Christmas!!

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