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Monday Morning Meetings!

It’s another Monday – I stared for a long time at the blank, white space on my new word document, wondering what to say?

Are your Monday morning’s that way? Did you drag yourself to work in a daze or are you bright and ready-to-go?

Some Company’s “get around the problem” by scheduling a meeting and that in many instances becomes one more reason to hate turning up for work – because it means difficult questions, more recriminations and probably workload over the weekend. Managers really need to question the content, the need and the utility of such sessions. Many meetings that I took part in seemed to be time-passes and achieved precious little. For Sales Teams Monday morning meetings are a good diversion because customers are not available – they are having their own meetings!

It’s best that one comes to work on Monday with a plan – set aside time on Friday or Saturday for this critical activity. It’s important that you head into the new week on a strong note.

– The Agenda for the meeting should be known in advance.

– Ensure that you and team have the data ready for the Monday meeting before heading home for the weekend.

– Discuss solutions to roadblocks and methods to reach objectives. No meetings should be about presenting data.

– Post-mortems are the worst things for a Monday Morning; do it, if it needs to be done, but later!

– Review the Whys and Hows; ask for support, list out enablers, offer solutions, decide corrective actions and critical issues.

– Discuss tactics and key deliverables for the week – what will be done and what it’s going to achieve.

– Always, always close the meeting on a positive note; no matter what the situation; never make team-members start the week feeling depressed – that would be a surefire formula for failure.

I can jump-start my Monday by listing down topics for the new week, with a synopsis for each one, in the previous week itself.

To avoid bleak weeks plan on Friday and start Mondays on a bright note … I wish you a fabulous week!

  1. Jamy
    June 26, 2012 at 12:37 am

    Monday morning blues do not apply to my line of work coz we don’t really look forward to taking the weekend off in the hotel industry; in fact in an island like Barbados, the maximum airlift is on Saturday and so Mondays are usually not that busy. 🙂

    But on a more serious note people like us in operations try to run a tight ship so that when the offices open on Monday, everything is set up for them to start smoothly and support us well through the week,

    • JayadevM
      June 26, 2012 at 3:32 am

      Hi Jamy

      You guys have figured out what needs to be done and do it with minimum fuss it seems.

      Cheers to that!

  2. saaliha iqbal
    June 26, 2012 at 4:55 am

    I believe ;the Monday Meeting’s blues are mainly due to the lack of planning of tasks.
    If you have a well defined process and strict adherence to it is ensured, then we could certainly avoid this.
    1.Always to be ensured that Monday meetings to have a strict agenda.
    Ex:If the agenda is to have a status on the various projects handled with in the team ;team members should be well informed on what inputs that need be provided by them during the meetings and by what time the status should have been updated to the chair person.
    As it says “well begun is half done”;once we could reach out this among all the team members it will be now more easy to handle .Initial glitches for any new team members in aligning themselves to the above procedures , should be suitable handled by the other senior team members.This improves the inter-personal relationships among the team members,there by more ownership ,more accountability and so on with in the team members.
    Not deviating from the topic,with such a strict agenda-indirecly sets a goal for the employee on how to improve on the deliverables for the week to have a better status updates for the upcoming meetings.
    Now with this ,we could see Monday Meeting Mania gradually getting itself melting out.

    2.Agenda should be backed by a strict format and a simpler one (or else to prepare the report itself consumes much of our valuable time).Or if the report is really demanding more inputs /time ;check on how to make the weekly updations simpler.May be a little bit of automation or macros embedded on to the reports can help towards achieving this; though initial implementation demands more efforts,we will be surprised to see how many man-hours could be saved in the long run.

    3.Also make sure that ,if any particular topics apart from the regular agenda need be incorporated for discussions,then team should be informed in advance.It has always be seen ,Managers coming up with some ‘surprises’ on the meetings about which the team members are least aware of and discussing over it hardly gives any value addtion for the employees (Or if there are others who are blessed with the same quality of mine -meeting will have more alert members sleeping with open eyes:D )

    Some times business requirements might enforce the Chair Person to discuss topics out of the agenda.
    Such sitautions should be effectively handled by the Chair Person so that message /idea of the topic should reach the most ;and this demands to have an experienced ,sensible person to always Chair the meetings.

    Last but not least

    Conduct meetings (even if its weekly scheduled meetings),only if it does have any purpose ;never have a meeting for the sake of having it.The Chair Person should be sensible enough to identify this and if not required cancel the meeting invitations well in advance.

    • JayadevM
      June 26, 2012 at 4:38 pm

      Hi Saaliha

      Thank you for reading … and for leaving a detailed roadmap for the conduct of a meeting.

      I am sure the other readers will benefit from it.

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