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Like a man possessed!

The phones rings, I see a familiar number on the display – “Hi JK! Got your email last night”, I said on answering.

JK replied – “What are your thoughts on the projections and proposals I have made for our venture?”

The man was in a hurry. We had met just two days back to discuss a new business opportunity. It had been hanging fire for a while though and I am guilty of not giving the matter full attention due to my other engagements.

But JK did not want the project to languish due to anyone’s mixed priorities and lack of attention. He had brought along two more people to our meeting – one was a prospective 3rd partner for the venture and the other being a former colleague who was now running a Call Centre.

Even before our meeting he had scoped the project and crunched some numbers to show how things will pan out if we went ahead as planned. He was a techie and was well aware of the dynamics of this business – the franchise activity on the anvil would benefit from his involvement and expertise.

I marveled at his energy and enthusiasm – it was clear that JK wanted to get early closure on the matter. But it wasn’t because he stood to get anything extra, there was gain for everyone involved. During our meeting he told the Call Centre man to give us a full run through on what he had on offer and sweetened the deal for him by offering a minority stake – he felt the man would offer better terms if there was something in it for him beyond being just a vendor.

And we had planned a Conference Call later in the week to thrash out few more details in order to take things forward in double quick time. Before and since our meeting he had called a dozen times to thrash out various elements and to bounce ideas – it was like some external power was urging him to act!

JK’s eagerness and push were based on certain solid factors:

-Knowledge of the domain

-Skill in the subject matter

-Awareness of the potential that existed

-Knows that the market is waiting for the service

-Conviction that the time to strike in Now!

I guess it is well-known that the difference between success and failure is Action – get going when you have 75-80% ready say most successful people and JK obviously had taken that to heart. You will never ever be 100% ready and people who wait for that will never get started; delay only opens door for more doubt and provides other players the opportunity to steal the market from you.

This was a new JK I was seeing – having known for close to 2 years now and most of it as a technical trainer I marveled at this new pushy avatar. He had always said that “marketing is not for me, I cannot push for business. I am happy being the techie and would rather let someone else do the selling.”

I think he was wrong about himself – he had an analytical mind, possessed domain expertise, was aware of the potential and could influence people too; to top it all he had the will to win!

A message to the Sales Professionals who are reading this – hesitation can create fuzziness, lead to dip in enthusiasm and flowering of more doubt. If the market exists it is best to push ahead than to hang around.

For the venture described above the assessment of the potential and opportunity were based on fundamentals – it was not gut feel at all; there was clear indication that the services being promoted were in demand and the market waiting for it was fairly large.

JK was a man on a mission and some Spirit in a Sports Car was propelling him forward; but his energy and urgency told us that there is the need to seize the moment before it slipped away.

Have you been possessed in such a manner?

  1. June 21, 2012 at 9:07 am

    Loved the post and particular the conclusion Jayadev. “have you been possessed thus, so far?”…what stands outs in JKs manner in my opinion is his enthusiasm… its such a contageous and wonderful thing. A few years ago I put a post in a social media site, “I’m lookign for a music director” ..I also briefly explained the project.. there were about a dozen enquiries …but there was this one guy who was on fire…and we worked together to create the music which came out so well. The bottom line is enthusiam. I wish the three of you success in your venture adn my regards to JK.

    • JayadevM
      June 21, 2012 at 9:30 am

      Hi Sajan

      Yes! Nice of you to share an anecdote that adds to the theme.

      Enthusiasm stands out and wins too. Thank you for the support and kind wishes.

  2. Jamy
    June 22, 2012 at 4:50 am

    A very interesting read Jay!Bring it on!!

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