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Boringly Excellent!

Boringly Consistent was the term that popped into my mind while watching Lionel Messi score 4 goals in a recent La Liga game.

Boring and Consistent are not the words one usually associates with success and peak performance? Aren’t winners dazzling and different … anything but boring, right?

When asked by a journalist to describe herself best-selling author Germaine Greer said she is boringly consistent; a few years back when Motorala was still selling mobile phones in large numbers their stated intent was to make good phones with boring consistency.

Observe how Roger Federer keeps producing forehand winners or the way Tiger Woods used to sink putts during his purple patch or Apple introducing one stunning smart device after the other and you start getting the picture.

They seem to have hit upon a winning formula and just keep repeating it with ……… You know!

Successful Sales Professionals, like the top performers mentioned earlier, achieve peak performance and manage to stay at those levels for much longer than the other players because they discover the critical elements of success and then repeat it over and over again.

Yes, it’s as simple as that …

It’s not as if they saw it in a dream or they had it made from Day-1; the top salespersons haven’t been that way from the very first time they went out to sell. The ones who go on to become successful are those who are constantly aware of what they are doing and what’s happening around them. They keep notes on their own actions every time they perform – nothing is left to chance; and then the achievements are compared with previous efforts.

The circumstances influencing each event are noted too – by gathering data they realize what was done in a successful campaign and what caused failure; the people involved in the process, their influence on the final decision, who said or did what; everything is noted and analyzed. Winners soon get to understand the profile of the ideal customer, what needs to be said or shown to influence them and how long it takes to get to the sale. They sense every move or feeling of the customer – these insights are gained over a period of time; it’s a conscious effort at first and soon it’s an unconscious process.

In spite of such intense engagement successful people do face failures – they realize that others are putting in similar efforts too; or it’s also possible that they had failed to do something important – a key decision maker was not met or a demo that was arranged did not go well because the person entrusted with the task couldn’t convince the buyer. It makes them work that much harder to ring in the necessary changes and reduce uncertainties.

Here are a few things you can track:

–          How long does it take to reach the decision maker in a big account?

–          How many sales calls are needed to make a sale?

–          Which part of the sale takes the longest time to cover?

–          Has the value of business from your major account been growing?

–          What makes you effective and what has been losing you business?

–          What is the profile of your ideal customer?

–          What is your track record in retaining big accounts?

–          What factors are helping the competitors beat you to the sale?

This is just an indicative list – you can define the critical elements of performance in your business and measure yourself  on those. It’s not enough that we sell, it’s just as important that we know what got us that Sale – only then can we keeping making bigger and better sales with boring consistency!

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  1. ram..
    May 18, 2012 at 9:54 am

    Jayadev,interesting and eye opening topic.I think its good to analyse each success story to find out what make you move forwad…

    • JayadevM
      May 18, 2012 at 10:27 am

      Hello Ram

      I agree! Thank you for reading.

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