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Start me up!

That eponymous Rolling Stones anthem would be a great tool for Managers to get their team going as they enter the new business year.

On March 31st I suggested that they need to say 2 words to the team – two words that have the power to impress, even stun!  Going into the new financial year those words can provide the effect the song suggests.

Many of my readers said “Thank You” to their customers, bosses and co-workers; they did it in different ways – email, sms, phone call, or the most effective method of them all, direct … and I am sure it had telling effect!

After reading the article a senior Chartered Accountant friend, who heads the practice at a leading firm left a comment saying – “Good idea! Will do it first thing tomorrow.”

A young professional who works in the Persian Gulf had this to say, “Sir! The bosses don’t say it from their heart.”

Another regular reader, and a good friend, mentioned this when I visited his office – “You know what, Jayadev? I decided to call my team together just to tell them the two words; the teams at the other locations received emails from me with the same content. They were stunned – some asked me why I have become so soft suddenly, while others said “You don’t have to do that, Sir; it’s our duty”. But all of them were very happy to hear it from me and reciprocated in kind. I am glad I did it.”

There were couple of other ideas shared by readers – one Manager decided to take the entire team out for a picnic on the weekend, just to unwind together and celebrate the success achieved in the year gone by. Another friend who is Customer Service Manager at a resort decided to call the team together to thank them and to remind them once again to thank all customers – they were happy to oblige.

One reader gave it a much broader perspective and said … “You can’t get any more basic than that for any progress in any relationship whether in the busines/corporate world or in our personal and social lives ..its what makes the world a more livable place.”


Well said!

The managers who said thanks to the team were practicing being humble and just – they were telling the team that their work mattered. The impact is the highest when it is done with genuineness; it should not become a formality nor should it seem “Oh-by-the-way”. Say it with meaning and from the heart! Thanking the team also means their job was useful and note-worthy; it says they are contributors and have helped the organisation in making progress.

I am sure wherever it was done the team felt valued and got a lift; and that’s the right mood to establish at the start of a new financial year. So managers are laying a firm foundation for success in the next performance period. Didn’t someone say “Well begun is half-done”!



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