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To the Last Man

This and the next week the Big Boys would be preoccupied with that annual activity called Business Planning. They are busy putting together the game – plan that will keep the team busy for the next 12 months – everyone is going to get a piece of the action, that’s a given!

Yes, the Head Honchos along with the Board would put together the Key Business Objectives and then that will be drilled down to the next level during the huddles – to put in a nutshell, the Business Heads will share with the Regional Heads what is expected by way of Sales and Profits and they would also outline the inputs provided to help achieve those numbers – they are given budgets for Sales and Expenditure.

There is no rocket science here – the plan would definitely have to be cast around a few known variables:-

Market – How best to take advantage of the present market conditions and extract the highest possible returns? Which are the segments that are buying and who could respond most favourably to our products? What changes are envisaged and how do we take advantage of it?

Finance  – Where can the funds be deployed profitably? How can we ensure the best cash flow round the year from our operations?  And how can we keep costs under control while going about the business!

Product – How can our products and services be tailored to appeal to the markets – what in our portfolio would work best in the given conditions? How can the price be structured to make it most appealing to the buyer? How and when will the new products be introduced?

Competition – What are they currently offering? Are we aware of some new introduction planned that will reach the market soon that can impact our plan? What will be our counter – measures for those threats?

Pitch & Promotion – How are we going to present the portfolio to our targeted segments? Should we approach the market like we did last year or do we need a whole new approach? What low cost methods can be effectively utilized and how do we ensure that every rupee is gainfully spent? Remember that what was effective previously may not be useful now?

People – Is our existing team suitable for the job the way they are, do they need to be retrained, or maybe restructured, to make the plan a success?

Do we need to deploy more people in some markets? Can people currently available elsewhere be redeployed for short-bursts on projects to speed things up?

I have kept the discussion at a very basic level – but I have said this so that everyone in the team can start thinking on the same line as the bosses; while they decide on the Nation or State level, can you do a similar exercise on a District or Town level?

Organisations succeed when the thinking is aligned down to the last man!


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  1. April 4, 2012 at 3:12 pm

    Relevant parametres.I think each of us need to adapt and customise these parametres to our business.Thank you Jayadev for sharing this.

    • JayadevM
      April 4, 2012 at 3:14 pm

      Always a pleasure, Ram!

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