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The Balancing act!

Hello Friends,

This is the 101st article at the Sales Coach Blog – I got overwhelming response from all of you for the article presented yesterday – 135 readers visited the blog, the highest ever in a single day; many of you left encouraging comments and your own perspective on “the importance of giving people our time”.

I look forward to your visit, comments and support in the days ahead and my promise is to continue presenting topics that are interesting and useful.


Let me start with a thought or an insight – It took close to an hour of searching on Google to find the picture of a Happy Manager – most of the pictures available showed a serious,  grouchy or angry person. I think it’s time Managers got a face-lift. Put a smile on, let the world see you at your very best …..


Article 101 – The Balancing Act!

Come March activity in most Companies across India reaches a feverish pitch – the fag end of the financial year – multiple activities and events overlap.

–          The most important one being employees putting in their 100% to achieve the Budget or Target set for the 12 month period ending on March 31st. I had written another article earlier this month about the Year-end Sale that’s all the rage this part of the year. No stone is left unturned to find a prospect and no trick is spared to snare one extra customer. Work goes on well past the hours on each day – you have a bunch of drained out people staggering across the line at the end of the month. I have been there as a front-end Sales Executive, Supervisor and Manager.

–          The second activity happening is the preparation of Budget for the next 12 month period commencing on April 1st. This is more in the realm of the Managers and Senior Management but there is need for inputs from each team member. Managers usually have detailed planning meets with the team to get another perspective and to get better buy-in for the plans. But such plans are only first-cut because management would have their own strategies and growth plans and those would get factored in later on.

–          To use a clichéd term, last but not the least, it is also time to count the winnings and to judge performance.  March – April is the time for Performance Appraisal – time to showcase one’s achievements and push for the best increment. Employees need to be given time to prepare the reports, compile evidence and support data – many companies opt to do the final assessments in April so that the other two activities mentioned above get all the attention.

Business Managers should make the process smooth and the environment conducive for peak output. Although the Managers too would be wound up like their subordinates, what with multiple challenges to be successfully surmounted in the stipulated time, they have the advantage of previous experience and the ability to figure out the dynamics by looking at the picture holistically.

Managers should take every effort to stagger the timing of the reports, the business plan meetings and appraisal discussions in such a way that everyone gets enough notice and no activity gets held up. This is also the month when managers should use all their influence power in both directions (upward and downward) and go all out to encourage the team to get their wins – after all his or her win is intertwined with the team’s win.

It is for them to balance the various variables and complete all three activities on the required date without stressing out their team because the situation is physically and mentally taxing at the best of times.

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