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The Dirty Work needs to be done!

Sales Professionals are busy people – constantly on the move. They’ve got to make / attend phone calls, visit clients, make presentations, prepare proposals, negotiate, follow-up, close sales, plan and conduct promotional activities, attend meetings, submit report – the list goes on and on!

Till the Sale is closed they harass anyone who won’t move fast enough to ensure good service and support for the customer – Manager’s support and intervention is demanded to pull up errant members of the team. The definitions for error and speed have to be heard to be believed – things need done at “I want it yesterday” speed because “Customer is King”!

But you witness a remarkable change in attitude the moment the Purchase Order is signed, sealed and delivered – many Sales Pros become invisible or inaccessible after that. The Customer then becomes “Trouble-maker”, “hard to please” and “Why can’t he understand and adjust?“ – at the office the questions raised are “Why is that man harassing me in this manner and why isn’t someone else following-up – must I do everything?”

The Order Fulfillment team is expected to follow-up directly if they wish to get any clarification on the contents of the order – the busy Sales Pro suddenly has no time for the customer.

They think the job is done the moment the order reaches the office – “I put in so much effort to bring in business now it’s up to someone else to do what’s needed.” They get busy chasing another account.

It does not work that way!

I got some home-truths on the matter earlier today.

The bathroom at home is shared by three of us – everyone uses it without a care in the world and soon it’s time to tidy up. Then each person is waiting for someone to clean it and that stalemate continues till things really get out of hand.

Today, I realized that the bathroom needs to be cleaned up because I am using it too – after 2 hours of work I got the place gleaming and a “Well done!” from my mom for the effort. The shower I took afterwards felt special.

I think all smart Sales Professionals realise that they are the first and last points of contact for their customers and they remain in close touch at every stage – ignoring the customer is a sign of  short-term thinking and its bound to backfire. The Sales Pro’s work is not limited to closing sale it involves the entire cycle of pre and post sale support too.

Do the dirty work that needs to be done to please the customer; the shower of orders that follow makes your effort worthwhile!

  1. Cherian George
    March 12, 2012 at 7:22 am

    Very True

    • JayadevM
      March 12, 2012 at 6:03 pm

      Hi Cherian, thank you for reading … and for the support.

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