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Quiz 1 – Sales Quiz – Answers

I said that the quiz is an easy one, but from the 8 responses I received (81 views of the Quiz) nobody scored more than 4 right answers!

Where the questions unclear and vague or was it the lack of clarity on the terms used in the Industry? All the terms I had hinted at in the questions are well established ones in the Sales & Marketing domain.

Here are the answers:

Q1. This person may stop you from gaining access … to see the Big Boss.

I got Security / Peon / PA / Secretary as other answers; only one person got it right and the answer is:

Gate-keeper, the person who stops you from gaining easy access to the decision-makers!

Q2. It may mean more money for the Sales Professional; it could be a reason for the customer to buy!

Discount / Referrals / After Sales Service / Benefits were the other answers given. There were 5 right answers to this question and that is:

Incentive, it means more money for the Seller and a reason to buy for the Customer.

Q3. You don’t have to make it in a lift – but it can boost your prospects in a short time!

Rapport Building / Sales Talk / Sales Pitch were some of the answers I got. Two persons got it right and that is:

Elevator Pitch is a crisply delivered statement on what you have to offer. I thought the word lift would be a give-away.

Q4. Be it the weatherman or the Sales Manager, get this wrong and he will soon feel the heat!

This was the easiest of the lot for the respondents – seven people got it dead right and one person (who has never been in Sales gave a synonym … Prediction). The answer is:


Q5. The man in the picture may be doing something related to sales; give the right term?

I thought the picture made it easy, but there only two right answers. The other responses were – Waiting for Sales, Sifting, Marketing, Milking the Accounts; there was even Panning for Gold!

The right answer is Prospecting! The picture shows a prospector, panning for Gold (off course), but panning is not a terms used in Sales. Prospect and Prospecting are regularly used Sales terms.

Q6. Strange as it may sound, in Sales these guys don’t break fresh ground unlike their agrarian counterparts!

Cold Calling, selling to existing accounts and sowing the seeds were some of the answers given. Only 2 persons got it right:

Farrmers, who break ground to sow seeds; but in Sales farmers are people who work to acquire more business from existing accounts – they don’t focus on cracking new accounts.

Q7. The Police may be searching for him too, but he is not buying yet!

Another easy one, or so I thought – Target and Conviction were the terms suggested, but there were 3 right responses to this one:

Suspect – the police are searching for him and it’s also a term for a person who fits the profile of a buyer but has made no indication yet that he is interested in purchasing the product.

Q8. Is she the first mover in a group – her decision matters to the rest!

This one is not easy because there could be a lot of answers to suit the above statements – I got Influencer / Trend-setter / Queen Bee (Nice one!) / Lady Luck .. unfortunately nobody got it right:

Opinion Leader was the answer I was looking for.

Q9. Is this how small organisations match up to the firepower of the big players?

Personalised Service, Under-cutting and Rock Bottom Pricing were the answers I receive – nobody got this one right:

Guerrilla Marketing, a term derived from Guerrilla Warfare – it’s a marketing technique involving low cost unconventional methods such as graffiti, handbills, sticker bombing – India is Guerrilla Marketing country! Smaller companies with their limited marketing budgets resort to such methods.

Q10. Sounds like the job of an angry Salesperson – when he pushing the customer to buy more?

Again a tough one, it seems, because nobody got this right. Hard Sell, Hunter and Wrong Commitment were the answers I received. But the right answer is :

Cross Selling, this a technique where a Sales Person sells another related product to the customer to increase the revenue generated from the Sale – Eg. A handset Salesperson adding a headset, a screen protector and case along with it. Or a Waiter in a Restaurant asking the customer to go for another side-dish or a dessert.

Do write back if you wish to have more clarity on this.

I hope to see more responses for the next quiz!

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