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QUIZ – 1 …. What’s your Sales Quotient?

The first Quiz on Sales Coach; I’ve decided to run a Sales focused one this time, but other topics will be covered in future instalments.

Since this is the first one I decided to play it easy – if you are connected with me on Facebook or LinkedIn please inbox the answer there or else you can send an email to jayadev.menon@akshworld.com.

(Please don’t leave the answer in the Comments section)

The questions:

1. This person may stop you from gaining access … to see the Big Boss.

2. It may mean more money for the Sales Professional; it could be a reason for the customer to buy!

3. You don’t have to make it in a lift – but it can boost your prospects in a short time!

4. Be it the weatherman or the Sales Manager, get this wrong and he will soon feel the heat!

5. The man in the picture may be doing something related to sales; give the right term?

6. Strange as it may sound, in Sales these guys don’t break fresh ground unlike their agrarian counterparts!

7. The Police may be searching for him too, but he is not buying yet!

8. Is she the first mover in a group – her decision matters to the rest!

9. Is this how small organisations match up to the firepower of the big players?

10. Sounds like the job of an angry Salesperson – when he pushing the customer to buy more?

The answers will be posted after 2 days – and I will announce the names of those who scored 6 or more right.

Go for it… All the best!

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