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How bad do you want to win?

It’s easy to be comfortable with what you have – a lot of people decide to stick to the basics, do just about enough to get by. The result is that a world of opportunity passes them by and it is too late by the time they realise that it was there for the taking.

While heading the Retail Business of a telecom major I remember visiting a trader in Cochin when my team was short-listing outlets to promote our products. It was a decent sized shop in a prime locality (excellent visibility and the basic profile matched our requirement), but the owner just did not measure up. Even after listening to our pitch on the benefits of associating with a reputed brand the man was unmoved. It was an open invitation to grow his business (better returns for his time, efforts and investment) and the opportunity to reposition himself in the local business community. The man missed the bus thanks to his poor attitude.

He had the money and the infrastructure, but lacked the drive – when I repeatedly questioned him to ask what stopped him from striking the deal he said “This is enough”; he just didn’t want to make an effort. And it wasn’t because the man was ready to retire, he was still in the 40s. He just couldn’t be bothered!

I found it ridiculous – do some of you think he was right?

He was posing as a businessman and behaving like a renunciate! It irked me because I knew for sure that he was going to regret that decision someday.

I had probed to confirm whether it was the lack of trust in our brand that stopped him from making the decision and that wasn’t the case. He knew fully that this was a company with impeccable reputation and business credentials and his association with them would only do him good. And still he wouldn’t do it. It took a lot of control to stop myself from pulling my own hair out in frustrsation!

Are you doing this to yourself? You have the necessary knowledge and skill, but you stop short of doing what is necessary to take you to the top of the hill. You worry about the small pebble in the path against which you might stub your toe and experience some pain.

Listen to all the positive messages emanating from your mind – you have embarked on a journey, why are you giving up before you reach the destination?

Its guts and glory time folks- by prepared to run the hardest if you want to win the big prize!

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