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“Customer Ec-Centricity!”

There is no dearth of buzzwords in Customer Service – Customer Care, Customer Centricity, Customer Delight, Customer Loyalty, Customer Relations Management and so on; these pretty terms embellish C-level Speeches, Business Blogs and Media Briefings.

But get in touch with small, medium or large organisation to get your issue resolved and you will soon agree that a snowflake stands a better chance at surviving in hell than you getting decent Customer Service from many of them.

Why is it so difficult to serve your Customer?

The previous article spoke about the tragic journey that my laptop endured last week. Its poor run continues this week. I went to a local Service Centre to get the screen replaced.

Event-1: Went there in person to get the situation assessed. The technician promised to inform me about the availability of the material so that I can hie over and get the job done in an hour’s time.

Event-2: Nobody called me the next date to provide an update on the availability of the spare – so I called again and the Service Executive promised to call back with the information.

Event-3: You guessed it; still no response and this time my call reaches the Owner of this august institution; and he too promised to call back with the information … Surprise! Surprise! He didn’t!!!

I am in search of another Service Agency.

Customer Centricity speaks about putting the Customer at the Centre of your Business philosophy – it’s about running all processes keeping this important person in mind. How to create and manage product/service offerings, communication and process in order to serve them better? I guess the terms user-friendly, hassle-free, first-time right and the much touted “Customer is King” get bandied about in this context.

But it is simply not practiced – “We are working so hard that there is no time to deal with the customer!”

How do you really, really delight the person who provides you with revenue? The Senior Managers need to take personal responsibility in providing top-quality service and removing the eccentricities in the system.

If you don’t put your customer in the spotlight you will soon be in a spot of bother!

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