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Cutting through the Social Media Clutter!

The market is abuzz with chatter about the use of Social Media (SM) for business promotion! 

“Do you have an email ID” is passé! You don’t even ask that question or do it at the risk of being classified as an outcast. Having a mail ID and a Facebook ID are de rigueur – the conversation begins beyond that!

– How many hits are you getting at your website?

– What is your blog ID? And what’s it about?

– Who does your SEO work?

– Have you made an infographic with your findings?

– How many Followers do you have on Twitter?

– Responses at LinkedIn Answers improves visibility!

All in a day’s work!

When everyone is playing the SM game and busy jockeying for positions it may seem futile to think of an entry into that realm. But how many of the players have got their game organized – is there a method to the madness?

1. Define and fine–tune your message: It does not help to spray and pray; one hit is all it takes and do you have the weapon to land that blow? Use the right words and forcefully deliver a message which has to be built using the techniques I described yesterday.

2. Define your audience and chase them relentlessly. Don’t run after every person you can connect with on the SM Platforms. Define the customer or target segment and work on building a network consisting of such profiles. It will give you better returns.

3. Are you present where the customer is? Today there are multiple avenues for delivering your message – computers, smart devices, in-shop interactive devices. So choose your medium based on the impact that can be created by using it.

4. Get your timing right? I have noticed that the number of hits I get at my blog does not go up dramatically if I post the link to my daily article earlier in the day. There is a time slot in which people are available and if I post the link then I get maximum impact.

5. Provoke a response: Your message must get them to initiate a conversation with you; which then can be developed into something useful. Your message has to instigate action or it’s a waste.

It’s nice to have a presence on the Internet, but it’s great to have a play that generates business results. Is your Social Media effort lost in the clutter or is it standing tall?

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