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What comes after “Hello”?

I am guessing that you make most Sales Calls after setting up a meeting with the client, either by way of a phone call or by email; there are times when the meeting takes place at client’s behest.

It’s also possible that you are in the business district and there is some time to spare because the scheduled call was completed earlier than expected; so you decided to try your luck at meeting another prospect whose office is nearby or you make a Cold Call at an office located right next door.

No matter how you reach the customer’s office, don’t ever start a Sales Conversation saying this: “Hello, Sir! I was passing by; thought it would be nice to drop in and see you.”

What would you do if the customer responds with – “Excellent! You have seen me. Happy now, I guess? Can I return to my work now?”

Be professional – provide a reason that enables the client to see some value accruing from the interaction.

And don’t get caught in a situation where the prospect is guiding the conversation from the word go – “Hello! Come, take a seat. Tell me about your products.”, followed by “ How much do they cost?” and finally – “Wow! That’s expensive. Will let you know when we have a requirement.”

The idea is to take charge of the conversation, subtly.

You shouldn’t be doing the following while opening a call:

–          Don’t be apologetic: You are there to add value!

–          Don’t launch into a lengthy discourse about your products

–          Don’t spend too much time on personal / non-official stuff

If it is a repeat call, after you have completed the greetings and courtesies it will be useful to do the following:

–          Make a bridging statement to connect this meeting with what has happened previously

–          Give a summary of past meetings, then say what would be achieved by the end of this meeting

–          Say how much time you would need for the discussion if it’s not been set earlier

This kind of a start tells the customer that you are a professional, you have prepared well and the meeting has a definite objective.

If it’s a new business opportunity that will be discussed or it’s the first visit to a new client’s office you can do the following:

–          Greet and introduce yourself

–          Ask for time to get into specifics; say how long it would take

–           Say that you wish to ask some questions to help them decide on a new solution

–          Explain why you are there – have a brief statement that tell reveals how you can help them

Such an approach gives you control over the proceedings – you have been courteous, not wasted time, set timelines and mentioned that your visit is for to add value to their work.

A Smart Opening like that sets you up nicely to get into the business end of the call!

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