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How far can you see?

Sir Isaac Newton said:

– If I can see further than anyone else it’s because I am standing on the shoulder of giants.

Sales Managers, you have a crucial role to play in guiding the professional destinies of your team members – of course there are the regular duties such as assessing the lay of the land, pointing out possible pitfalls and indentifying the best route to move forward – but that’s not why you are there; you are Manager because you can see much more and much further – you are able to sense change before it happens, or at least your experience should have prepared you for it. Your team’s survival, and through their achievements even your own, depends on this critical skill.

Do you have your eyes and ears tuned to the changes in the environment – Government Policies, Industry Norms, Innovations, Buying Behaviour, Marketing tools, Competition, Talent Trends and so on? Potentially business and career crippling if ignored, but huge opportunities if seized sufficiently early.

How well have you been able to seek, analyse, value-judge and even forecast one or more of the above in order to take decisions that put you and your team in a position of advantage vis-à-vis the rest.

Maybe you don’t have the privilege of standing on giant shoulders but the privileged position you hold puts you in touch with the Top Management of your company, gives you the opportunity to network with leaders and peers in the industry and connects you to the networked world that delivers quality information to your computer and smart devices.

How well are you using these interfaces? Your team doesn’t need someone who is constantly after them like to Monitor, they are looking for someone who will tell them things they do not know. They will appreciate and proudly follow a Manager who is able to get them into a position of power – ahead of the pack.

It is said that:

–          A junior member worries about the week ahead,

–          The supervisor plans for the month ahead,

–          A Branch Head thinks a quarter ahead,

–          The Sales Head should have a grip on the  year ahead and

–          The CEO has to envision the next 5-10 years.

Who are you thinking like and how far can you see?

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  1. GB
    February 12, 2012 at 3:55 pm

    I think the personality of a sales manager is largely influenced by the function of time.Quarter closes are inversely proportional to patience.So the balance between micro and macro management changes dramaticaly. It is also a function of people. There are some people in every org. who just dont get it. Juggling roles like playing a cog-in-the-wheel or leading by example, is dependent on how well a leader knows his or her team.

    Therefore how far one see’s can be of no relevance or have no significance tomorrow.

    Morning never shows the day!

    • JayadevM
      February 12, 2012 at 8:48 pm

      Interesting perspective!

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