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Have a F.U.N-day at work!

Many of you are aware of the F.I.S.H. principles – a set of practices that help to liven up the workplace and make work fun! Follow the link in case you haven’t heard about it earlier – a movie and a set of books are available for those interested.

Work becomes a happy experience when it’s done in an interesting way or it happens in a fun atmosphere. There is a lot of talk about making a career out of what you love doing the most. Unfortunately many people are not able to reach that ideal but you certainly can have fun at whatever job you are doing right now.

–          Guys at roadside tea-stalls make and pour tea in interesting ways

–          Guys flip Dosas, Pizzas and Chappathis in comical fashion to liven up their work

–          Cocktail mixers put on a show for the drinkers at the bar

–          Even ice-cream is served with a lot of jugglery to entertain the buyer

–          Many BPOs make their work a fun experience by having themes and routines

It’s a fun experience for the customer and a break from monotony for the employee – work turns into play. Any job can be made fun if you apply your mind to it. The ambiance and/or the interactions can have the fun element.

My first full time job was with a company that manufactures and sells stuff like tables, chairs, almirahs, safes and locks – how exciting is that? I agree that it wasn’t cutting edge stuff, but we were the best in the business – our company was almost a hundred years old and a market leader. But it was set in its ways and work was steady rather than exciting.

So we Sales guys found ways to liven up the proceedings each day with our pranks. The rest would watch in amusement and awe while we pulled off some crazy practical jokes on our colleagues – all in good humor and never to hurt.

We had this brilliant young fellow, Narendran, who was the Sales Engineer for our organisation’s newly formed CAD / CAM division – impeccable credentials and smart worker. Gem of a chap too, he wasn’t stuck-up like some of the Oh-so-mighty IT specialists who turned up from the Head Office, their wonders to achieve! It was cutting-edge stuff after all. We usually ignored that snooty bunch.

But poor Naren paid the price for being nice to us – we already were battle-hardened veterans, with a few notches on our belt, by the time he joined us, a fresher from college. He was at the butt end of our jokes.

Those days we used motorbikes to get around town – Naren wore sunglasses to protect his eyes from the Sun and dust. One day without his knowledge we pasted a layer of Scotch Tape on one glass – the work was done so well (we took ample precautions to see that there weren’t fingerprint smudges on the sticky side) you couldn’t see the layer of plastic at own glance. Our friend started using the glass unaware of our prank and soon started complaining about his vision. He said there was something wrong with his left eye, he couldn’t see clearly. It never went into our poor Engineer’s head to check the glasses. He even complained to his mother, who worked in another city, and she decided to rush over to be with her worried son.

We knew that the game had gone far enough – sheepishly we stopped his mother from making the journey and told her about our little game. Our ring-leader got the tongue lashing of his life and an annoyed, yet much relieved Naren had enough humour in him to laugh at the trick we played on him.

But we weren’t through with him yet. Naren usually met very senior Aerospace specialists in the Indian Space Research Organisation. He would walk in with his classy leather portfolio bag that held a laptop and a set of brochures with information on our company’s proprietary software products. One can imagine the rarefied atmosphere in which such meetings happens.

The customer would ask for information on some product and with the air of a high priest Naren would open his bag to pull out the required brochure and out would come all the remaining brochures like a long snake. He would stare in astonishment and the customer would have an amused look on his face seeing the young fellow’s predicament. Before he left office we had stapled his brochures in such a way that they would unfold like one continuous sheet when lifted apart.

Do I have to tell you that we had to run for cover when he stomped into office that evening after the visits?

Such games livened up our days at Godrej! I am sure you too have such tales to tell – I have many more but this will do for now.

It lifts the spirit, reduces stress and helps to build rapport among the team-members.

Please remember that we never made a joke out of our work and maintained high level of professionalism in our dealings with customers – it was only at the office that we did such mad deeds.

Make work fun and office will soon become a place you eagerly wish to return to each day.

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  1. NSN Moorthy
    February 5, 2012 at 1:50 pm

    Yo Jaydev! There are many other pranks, which may be too spicy to be listed here!! But yes – it was a wonderful time and the team also had a very similar wavelength in terms of enjoyment!!

    • JayadevM
      February 5, 2012 at 4:58 pm

      Moorthy, if its a prank you were involved in it surely can’t be narrated on this blog! :0

      We had a good thing going at Godrej – great camaraderie and many learning opportunities.

      Thank you for stopping by.

  2. February 5, 2012 at 2:43 pm

    ha ha ha. interesting read. Once during a cultural show in the Air Force we asked the guy at the mixer to turn off the guitar of one of our friends who was a part of the orchestra. The orchestra constituted of a drummer, a keyboardist and another guitarist…once the music started it was fun watching our guitarist friend who kept strumming really heard straining to check if his playing made any difference to the net output…it was hard to say since there was another guitarist …and it was his first time in the stage, he was keen to make an impression.

    • JayadevM
      February 5, 2012 at 5:03 pm

      Sajan, your friend must have been livid when you told him later. But he would have been the only guy who couldn’t be blamed for playing a wrong note! 🙂

      Nice anecdote.

  3. February 5, 2012 at 2:50 pm

    Hey Jay! Great reading about the Godrej days and the very creative pranks !! I remember our ‘jiggling’ days . . . .

    • JayadevM
      February 5, 2012 at 3:49 pm

      Hi Paul, didn’t we have so much fun those days. And ‘jiggling’ was a special treat for us!
      You have to remember him all the time, don’t you!! 🙂

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