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Time to get out of that rut!

Happy with the way things are going for you at work? Are you at the top of your profession? Is this your dream job?

Many professional Managers, Sales Managers in particular (this I know for sure, having interacted with a number of them personally) soon get into a rut. They complain that it’s more of the same day-in, day-out, week after week – the usual cycle of business objectives, chasing targets, meetings, reviews, appraisals, travel, late hours and so on.

Even the fun bits seem repetitive and dull after a while – getting together at some resort and doing the same old stuff – stuck in a conference room all day, then drink into the night and make-believe that it’s a lot of fun. Wake up next morning bleary – eyed and sleep walk through another day.

You are justified in wanting to give it all up – the biggest thought running through the head is “When can I get out of this rut and do something different?”

Precisely! That indeed is the prescription – but not by quitting your job. If you change jobs, after the initial period of thrill and newness it is going to be more of the same all over again; there is no escaping it. So don’t let boredom drive you to desperation – have a more solid reason for quitting. You can overcome boredom without switching jobs.

Somewhere along the way you stopped learning and work became a routine – things were repeated mechanically day-after-day; the money was good and nobody was asking questions. So you carried on mindlessly.

The earlier you snap out of this nightmare the faster you can get back into the phase of growth and enrichment.

Bring excitement back into your professional life by doing a number of things – they help break the monotony and give you a well-rounded personality. These activities make you more interesting and bring you touch with interesting people; and at the end of the process you become richer in knowledge and relationships.

Some activities Sales Managers can pursue to keep their minds agile and refreshed:

–         Write a professional blog about your experiences or on your area of expertise (be an SME)

–         Take on a teaching assignment at a local college

–         Take speaking assignments at local colleges or professional bodies

–         Start a club to promote knowledge or skill advancement

–         Be a Coach or Mentor for young professionals

–         Do a part-time course for self – development

–         Join a hobby club and interact with people who share your interest

–         Write a book

These are but a few of the 100s that are possible. You just need to look around and chose what is best for you. Charity and voluntary work is another unexplored area for many; maybe run an NGO! It brings so much satisfaction and peace.

The possibilities are endless. If you wish to make work more palatable include some such interesting side–dish that adds favour and promotes learning.

If professional life isn’t going the expected way maybe it’s time to do something new, something YOU?

  1. Suresh
    February 3, 2012 at 7:34 pm

    Readers of your blog may want to check out the following site: http://andhedrew.com/2011/12/25-ideas-that-will-help-you-live-on-purpose/. Spend some time exploring the site and maybe you may find a purpose to living!

    • JayadevM
      February 3, 2012 at 7:58 pm

      Dear Suresh, thank you for visiting the blog again.

      The article you shared is interesting and the website does look like an interesting one. But I think you and I can define the purpose of our life even without reading articles. The answer lies within us.

      I believe we need to look inside and understand what inspires us most and what pursuit leads to real happiness. When we know that the definition of our life’s purpose becomes possible.

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