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Stand-out, else …

We live in the Age of Specialists

At Starbucks or Café Coffee Day we pay 10 times the price paid to our neighbourhood brewer just for ambience, look and feel. Today, even the coffee-shop at the corner has to specialize –he needs to have a different blend of coffee or a unique style in mixing and delivering the life-giving beverage. Each of the players mentioned above is in a battle … a battle for survival!

You noticed that it’s also the Age of Competition – there are few unique solutions, hardly any domain which is ruled by one player.  Even in Rocket Science there are multiple vendors, you can well imagine the situation in everyday products! It’s a grizzly dance of death!

Goes without saying that you are in pitched battle with multiple players, each jostling for eyeballs and revenue and the only huge for survival is !

Do you have a Signature Style?

How do you ensure recall, differentiation in the market clutter, repeat business or any business at all!

What bring your customer back to you again and again? You can hold sway over people in a number of ways – these are the nine spheres of Power and Influence (based on a Model put forward by Murray Johannsen)

–          Vision

–          Expertise

–          Support

–          Persuasion

–          Relationship

–          Authority

–          Punishment

–          Charisma

–          Positive Reinforcement

Take Steve Jobs, it’s was his Vision and Charisma that kept people loyal to the Apple Brand,  most professionals like Doctors, Engineers and Lawyers have influence based on their expertise; people like Hitler and Mussolini used the power of Punishment and the Communist Leaders in Russia used Authority to control people.

How does the customer benefit from dealing with you? Do you have something unique, something different from the rest of the pack?

–          Are you an expert in any area?

–          Can you give people access to information or privileges that others can’t?

–          Is dealing with you an enjoyable experience – is it less taxing?

–          Do your products make life less complicated for your customer?

Have a unique message or an offering that is different from the rest. Work relentlessly to building that differentiation and specialty.

Have something that puts you in the Spotlight, or you may not even get a call … let alone recall!

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