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Complaint! Objection! Problem!

These are some of the alternate spellings for the word …. OPPORTUNITY!

How often have opportunities come your way and you have not noticed – it strikes you later when someone else achieves huge success.

You then go, “Damn, isn’t that what my friend had offered me the other day and I refused!”

Don’t be like the devotee who refused to take help offered by a boatman because he felt God would personally save him from the flood waters! Well, to cut the long story short …. He drowned!!

It’s not often that opportunity comes your way – when one does, don’t refuse it outright. Usually it does not carry the label “OPPORTUNITY”; like I said earlier, chances are that they come labelled ”PROBLEM”!

Give it a thorough examination …. Don’t give up!

I remember dealing with a Major Account while working with a telecom company. It was one of the major players in the IT space and had over a thousand employees.  We made a pitch to sell them a large number of connections – a special offer was approved by my Senior Management to win this account. It was a NEVER BEFORE offer.

But the organisation refused to bite; they were not willing to take connections for all employees in the Corporate Name. We ended up getting less than 25 connections for just the Top Management of the company. But since this technology company had clients in the USA we earned a lot of revenue on Roaming – those accounts gave us good revenue.

But that wasn’t the opportunity – we refused to give up the large business opportunity that still existed in this account. The terms of the deal were reworked and we offered separate accounts to each employee with the employer assuring us that the dues would be deducted from the employee’s salary, if not paid directly. They also agreed to inform us when the employee left their roles.

This gave us the necessary leverage and guarantees – we closed over 200 new connections in that scheme that yielded consistently high revenues for us each month.

This opportunity was capitalised by reworking the strategy to create a solution that was convenient to all concerned.

So next time, don’t pass up an opportunity because it wasn’t spelled the right way!

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