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Whose business is it anyway?

Philip was just back after a 3-day tour to Gujarat when I called. Our meeting to discuss some business ideas had been put on hold due to his hectic schedule and it had to be pushed forward some more because he was tired and wanted to take it easy for 2 days before heading out again on Wednesday – taking it easy did not mean switching off from work. He was planning to catch up with the work that had piled up at the office in his absence.

Philip is into IT Security and Education Services – in the education business the area that is currently producing results for him now is Gujarat and so he was regularly going back to support and encourage his dealers there. The results were encouraging.

There is nothing like the owner being involved in the business – is there a better way to show the importance and value accorded to the activity.

Years back as the Area Manager for a telecom company I have given the go-ahead to many dealerships – the ones that did well always had the business owner present in the epicenter of action all the time, marshaling the resources.

But the ones that really flourished, consistently beat performance targets and regularly won the Awards were the ones in which the owners “dirtied their hands”!!

Anil, a franchise owner I had at Trivandrum, was a Master of All Trades! One day he would be out making Sales Calls because a team-member was on leave, another day he would collect dues from customers and on a third day he does back-office work. I see him more often as a regular team-member, doing what was essential, than playing the a Manager or Owner. It was tough for me to keep him seated in a chair to discuss strategy and objectives, but the man always got things done.

This kind of involvement does a few things:

–          There is no “your work and my work!” – it’s just work and together everyone gets it done!

–          No one would pass the responsibility – If the Boss can do it, I better do it too!

–          No team-member can pull a fast one on him; he knows every activity inside out!

–          The leadership example he was setting had an amazing effect on the whole team.

–          The positive energy propels the business engine forward – it’s a Virtuous Cycle.

Anil was not doing it to show-off or because he could not ask another person to do it; he did it only because it gave him such a thrill!

Philip too, like Anil, loves being at the front, not to shout out instructions, but to lend a hand and take the work forward.

You can succeed as a Manager or as an Owner only by having this kind of infectious enthusiasm and deep-rooted interest in your business.

If the owner won’t do it, who else will? Go out there and show them how much it matters to you!!

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