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Take a break!

This blog has been going strong and steady for the last 45 days.

Today I have no story to file on Sales … but let me share some more information on my hobby which I have spoken about in the past; in turn this can spark a thought or an idea to do something interesting in your own spare time.

To be ready for hectic action you experience each week your mind has to be cleared and detoxified during the weekend – and the solution for that is do something relaxing and enjoyable.

I have told you that Birding is my hobby … reading is another! What’s your? Here are a few ideas:

– Start a collection! (Stamps, Coins, Flags, Sports Jerseys , Paintings)

– Learn to play an instrument. (If you are skilled already do set aside time to practice)

– Listen to a motivational lecture. (There are so many available for free on YouTube)

– Learn / practice yoga!

– Meditate.

– Sing / Dance / Act

Such pursuits help to take your mind of work for a while, gives you new knowledge or skill, keeps you productively engaged and helps you to meet other interesting and like-minded people. The networks in your brain make new connections and your brain becomes more alert and energised.

Hobbies help you in many ways:

– They promote your networking skills; you seek people with similar interest

– You become more gregarious and communicative

– You get more opportunities to work in teams

– You are able to share your knowledge and help others learn

– You can practice leadership skills.

All these attributes are useful at work; and you are able to hone these in a non-combative and fun environment.

It’s a break from work, but a whole new learning …. Go for it!

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