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Hey Coach, I’ve got a problem!

A new recruit joining any organisation would expect at least one round of training, on the basics, before he is thrown in at the deep end of the pool. But many organisations do the unthinkable – they send warriors into battle without training or equipment and expect them to win!

Yesterday, in response to my introductory article on coaching a regular reader, Mr. Vijay Gargipati, gave a detailed response on the high quality training that a good company provides its freshers. He said that by the end of that training, which lasts a few days, the Sales Reps are able to speak with confidence not just about their own product range but is also aware of what the competitors have on offer. He has stressed that the organisation also provides the new Sales Reps training on sales techniques.

Now, only the most reputed and profit making organisations would be able plan and deliver such comprehensive training solutions. The smaller organisations are not doing much for employee induction, and development, at their own peril.

However, there is one thing every organisation can do if it really has the organisation’s and employees’ best interest in mind. It costs less than creating a training infrastructure because no new resource or infrastructure is needed. With a little insight and some training they can equip the existing set of managers to become Coaches.

When a team-member, with a work-related problem, approaches the regular Mr. Busy-bee Manager, who is chasing a dozen other priorities, the answer would be – “Go find the answer by yourself. Didn’t we train you when you joined us?”

And there is no worse demotivator for an employee than to hear this from his manager.

Managers think that a round of induction training will last for life – afterwards the team-member is expected to fend for himself or find the solution from somewhere else. “Don’t bother me!” is the attitude.

Managers need to change this mindset. Their team-members have nowhere else to go and creating a competent team is one of his KRAs.

It doesn’t take much to be a Coach; the two essentials for a Manager to be a good Coach are – His Eyes and his ears!

Add to that a mindset to help and to relish someone’s elses success!

Well, I am not trying to over-simplfy things. Coaching is a process, there has to be agreements on both sides, time needs to be invested and goals need to be set to measure progress.

Whom to coach, when coaching is needed and on what parameters coaching is to be undertaen will be discussed after. I have only outlined the foundation or the bedrock on which a good coahing pratice is to be built.

Two thoughts:

– Induction Training is not the only training you give a Sales Rep; it is the first among many programs he/she would attend.

– the next time a team-member walks up to you with a situation the least you can do is to give a patient hearing.

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  1. January 21, 2012 at 3:35 pm

    well said my friend. It is really all about life- long learning and life- long teaching. Both the student and the teacher must be equally committed to the process; often I have noticed a lack of eagerness in the current generation to commit to the learning process and there is also a huge lack of interest,commitment and competency at the middle management layer particularly in the Gulf to commit to this process.Unless we address this on priority , we are all at RISK.


    • JayadevM
      January 23, 2012 at 7:58 pm

      Dear Prem, thank you for sharing your thought on the subject. Valid points!

      Sadly, I have to agree that there is very little thought given to learning and development in the GCC region. Ample scope for improvement there – definitely an area with ample opportunity to provide L & D solutions.

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