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While you were sleeping!

And then like a bolt out of the blue you hear from a fellow Sales Rep that a competitor has walked away with a fairly large chunk of business from an account you had put in cold storage. You meet this guy in the field and he tells you how a mutual rival had been awarded a plum order last week without much of a contest!

In Sales people usually work on what is urgent – the fires that burn the brightest get highest attention. And since the manager torches your backside for not achieving targets your focus is always on accounts that are going to mature into business in the immediate future. The middle term opportunities get low attention and the long – term bets are ignored.

Prospects are classified into Hot / Cold / Warm based on time needed for conversion and a little extra focus is given to the large opportunities. The dormant accounts, the ones where nothing seems to be happening for a while are given scant attention by the regular players.

It is the smart one that senses opportunities even in the seemingly inert accounts – anything can change the situation:

–          A sudden decision by management to expand the business

–          A decision to shift the office to a new location

–          A new Government legislation that prompted a foray into previously untapped area

–          An infusion of employees to fill the shortfall that has been accumulating for a while

–          The management decides to deploy fresh funds received

There could be a number of catalysts to change the dynamics – and unless you have the ear to the ground and are constantly on the lookout it could be missed completely.

There are innumerable ways to stay abreast of the changes:

–   The obvious one is to keep visiting, with less periodicity, right through the lean period

–   Build strong relationship with key officials to ensure that they call you when the situation changes

–   Post lookouts who would inform you about any changes

–   Always be aware of the changes in regulations and global scenario pertaining to your clients’ business.

If you don’t do that you can be caught napping!

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