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Dance like you are not watching!

Post the fitness routine in the evening I plonk onto a chair in front of the TV to watch the Music Reality shows – music is a craze and I get to hear some young and talented artists. Last evening a young girl sang almost faultlessly and astounded the judges with her near perfect performance.

They stood up and applauded her rendition and then one judge asked her how this was possible; she said it happened without her knowledge – “I did not think about the notes, I just put the words into the right place without being conscious of them.”

She was in the zone, being able to sing without being self–conscious! When you hit those levels you are performing at the very best.

Most creative people are like that …. Ask Van Gogh how he painted Sunflowers or ask Beethoven how the tune Fur Elise came into his head and the answer would be … “I don’t know!” Artists often attribute it to a mystical creature or a spirit called The Muse, but are rarely able to explain how they created things of such beauty. It just happens!

It takes years of practice to reach such levels consistently, but it’s possible for each one us to achieve such heights in our pursuits by being “in it” fully.

Be it a Prospecting / Developing a Sale / Closing a Sale or the relationship building calls, in order to achieve the best results you need to be (this is not an exhaustive list):

–          Fully involved,

–          Conscious of every verbal and nonverbal message,

–          Fully prepared on our product and service offerings

–          Aware of the necessary background information

–          Up to date on the changes in the market,

–          Able to sense the impact of each of your actions and words

–          Constantly updated on skills and techniques

Practice every element till you own it. It’s like you can start a Call or reel out relevant information the second someone wakes you up and asks a question … it comes without conscious application.

When you are in sync in such a manner on every process you can experience Peak Performance.

It’s not impossible .. it just takes doing! I guess this is what Malcolm Gladwell was speaking about in Outliers when he said 10000 hours of practice is needed is needed to achieve excellence on any skill. I wish to believe that more than the number he was speaking about sustained and rigorous application. You need to achieve Unconscious Competence.

It’s like you are dancing without being aware of anyone, including yourself … you become the dance!

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