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Sealed with a Kiss!

This may sound silly:

You need to get the customer into the mood for signing on the dotted line! They won’t be willing to play ball till you have warmed them up sufficiently!

It’s like a mating ritual!

If you know Indian movies – a song from “Aradhana” illustrates my point!

(Here is a video of the song – typical Bollywood fare; lovers running around trees and bushes)

The hero tries hard to get the girl to profess her love – she takes him on a merry chase and agrees only at the very end, and only just.

When you approach a customer, build your case carefully before attempting a Close. You need to get past the basics – introduction, establishing rapport – and then build a case in favour of your product or service – that too after assessing the situation. This is done by asking the right questions, the answers to which provide the insights that can be used to create the right “hooks”.

If you offer a solution before doing any of the above your will be spurned, like the Hero in the song.

No solution you offer can sway the customer, or be considered worthwhile, till you get them convinced of your intent and give them a valid reason for making the investment.

Aren’t guys advised not to attempt kissing the girl on the first date? It’s premature; you appear desperate and you haven’t made a favorable impression yet.

It’s counterproductive to press on because the more you try the less the chance of success. Sales Executives who keep pushing for a Close early in the sale can expect to be thrown out in double-quick time without achieving anything but the customer’s scorn.

Hence, make the right approach, build your case, keeping adding value at every stage and convince the prospect about the benefits that can accrue from the investment before you go for the Close!

Without that it will be a case of …………………. No Check, no mate!


I have kept the theme light-hearted and maybe even a bit risqué – but the intent is serious!

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  1. Gayatri
    January 13, 2012 at 5:43 am

    liked it.. pretty much true as i recently threw away an health insurance agent who was too disturbing rather than convincing… 🙂

    • JayadevM
      January 13, 2012 at 12:28 pm

      Gayatri, Insurance agents have quite a reputation. A Govt. organisation in Trivandrum had a board in the reception area saying “No Entry for Insurance Agents and Mobile Phone Sales Reps!” It happened only because the Reps did not respect the rules – they barged in to disturb the employees during office hours.

      But I know enough Insurance Advisers who do a great job in understanding your needs before offering you a solution.

      This guy who has been pushing you to sign-up is probably lagging on his business targets and is desperate to make the cut.

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