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Get a move on!

Wow! 3 days into the new year already! “Yalla, Habibi!!” My Arab friends would say. Get going … time to gather momentum!

This morning I spoke with a close friend, now living in the USA.

He is a model of what I constantly aspire to be, but fall short of for want of consistency. I have some distance to cover before I can honestly say that I am focused on just the essentials, and what’s relevant.

Today, I get involved in a lot of stuff – particularly, on Social Media – way beyond what is really my core subject. It’s fun and engaging, but terribly distracting and delusional. Activity on Social Media makes you believe that you are in it and gainfully occupied, but in reality you may be frittering away the most perishable resource, Time – and your LIFE!

Yesterday, I read an article, by a young entrepreneur, about the importance of Doing – he stressed that Effort is the only thing we can really control. He was only repeating what wise folks have been saying for millennia, but it’s an important insight gained – once internalized you are on your way to lasting success.

My friend truly practices that. He left Indian shores more than 2 decades back armed with an M.Com. Degree; after reaching USA he added a CPA to his credentials – he does not waste much time on anything that distracts him from his goal. From the time I met him, back in 1978, I have only seen him doing what’s important – his job, the teaching assignments he did post work and his self-development activities.

Today, while the American Economy is tottering and many Americans are out of jobs he has a full-time Government job, a teaching assignment at the local University and an independent Tax Consulting practice (the last two with the permission of his Superiors).

It’s a living example for the returns you can expect from Effort!

His journey has not been without disappointments – being an outsider he is at a disadvantage and has not been given what he is justifiably due – but then, that has never got him down. He gives each day the best shot and it has paid him handsome dividends.

He has a fabulous house (Trust me on that!), goes on vacation every year and his son goes to the University – now what percentage of Americans can echo such a boast. But he does not boast about it – it’s just me saying it in passing!

The definition of Effort in Physics is Force applied against inertia. How apt!!

As Sales Professional, execute your plan rigorously – Eat the Broccoli first! Yes, do everything that you don’t like doing.

–         Make that call – spend more time with the customer

–         Prospect – strengthen your pipeline

–         Write reports – put more measurable information into it

–         Solve customer complaints – Happy customers give more revenue

–         Analyze the quality of your work and make the necessary corrections

–         Attend that Industry Seminar or Training Program  you have been postponing

Ruthlessly eliminate all activities that don’t matter and focus just on the ones that will make you a Winner.

Do! Do! Do! ….. Do you read me?

  1. pg
    January 4, 2012 at 4:07 am

    jayadev…..sound advice, prodding me to get of from my back side!!!

    • Jayadev
      January 4, 2012 at 7:44 am

      Hello PG, thank you for stopping by.

      Glad that you decided to take the hint. 🙂
      Here’s wishing that 2012 is a big one for you.

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