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Are you planning to fail?

After reading my post on Sales Resolutions a friend wrote in to say – “One resolution I have made, and try always to keep, is this: ‘To rise above the little things.’ ~John Burroughs”. (Unquote)

Isn’t that a wonderful thought? There is so much pettiness in this world and any effort to remove it is wise and praiseworthy!

But do you see the defect in the goal statement, that I found?

I wrote back immediately to say:

Dear Friend,

It’s a great thought! However, if you wish to make it happen you need to set a S.M.A.R.T. goal. Define what it means “to rise above little things”? How you are going to demonstrate it?  How often you wish to do it in a day / week / month? Or at the very least make a note of the number of times you could achieve it. Only then it will become a reality.

Without metrics no resolution can be achieved. Best wishes. J

Many times during my training sessions on Goal Setting I hear participants saying, “Doesn’t it take away the fun and/or spontaneity? It would become very clinical and cold.”

Maybe my friend had just written in to say that it’s his constant endeavour to become a better human being – and it occurred to me that we ought to do a few things without counting, such as helping the needy or being courteous to everyone or sparing time for our family.

But then doing such things intentionally and even taking measurements helps you bring focus and keeps you pointed towards your goal. You stay committed and purposeful.

As far as business is concerned there is no discussion on the subject. If it can’t be measured, it can’t be managed!

You need metrics, you need definitions and you need realism!

–       Unless your goals and objectives are properly stated there would be ambiguity and doubt.

–       Unless it is realistic and achievable nobody would go for it

–       If there is no deadline you would drift and postpone.

So, when you accept a target, confirm that they are measurable and time-bound goals: I will do maximum sales this month is a poor objective. I will achieve 9% of my annual target this month is a better one.

Also remember that when you set the target analyse potential and capability of the target owner, market conditions, company’s objectives, inputs provided – all factors that can impact performance.

There is one other thing I wish to say about that resolution statement from my friend … but that’s for another day!

For now, let us just think SMART!

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