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It’s a brand new year – this was my Tweet to start the Day / Month / Year:
A clean slate, a fresh start … 365 opportunities to be a Winner – take them one at a time! You can do it, so can I! Let’s begin…

Took just 132 characters – dots, dashes, spaces included!

All it needs is just 1 more character … U (Me when said in first person!)

Yes, you need to make it happen, and I.

What does the clean slate indicate?

–          It means opportunities- to do things afresh, to go for goals, to think differently and to learn new skills.

–          It means we have been the space to do what’s right.

–          It means the past is over – we have learned from our successes and even more from the failures; but we won’t linger long to celebrate the wins nor to lament the wrongs … it’s time to move on.

I am reminded of the noble thought from Mother Teresa:

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”

–          It means we won’t be prejudiced by our beliefs, notions and values; we will take people and events as they are and try to learn from every interaction.

As Sales Professionals we will:

–          Go through the drill every day.

–          Have the target in sight all the time.

–          Spend more time with the customer.

–           Listen to our customers and support team; give them the benefit of the doubt

–          Apply the knowledge and skills we have gained.

–          Do things differently.

–          Analyze data, events and interactions with the intent to understand, not to judge!

–          Spend time to Coach the team and give them constructive feedback

–          Commit only what’s possible.

–          Surprise Customers, Co-workers and Superiors by exceeding expectation.

Yes, it’s time to PLAN, but it’s also the time to DO – Hurry, the clock is ticking!

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