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So you got the Order … Big Deal!

No, I don’t wish to be a party pooper.

Early on in my Sales career I worked for an office equipment company – most leading banks in the country purchased Safes and Strong Room Doors made by this company.

I remember walking into the office one day with an order for an expensive Strong Room Door and a large Safe from a regional bank. It was quite a coup. In my happy state I was strutting around the office with the precious order document in my hand, flashing it in everyone’s face.

That’s when our Service Specialist walked in – it was mandatory that he inspects the site where the products are to be installed. The man was a veteran in this business – had been working for the company for over a dozen years and had supervised the installations of 100s of security products.

The smirk on his face told me something was amiss. He said the bank was reconsidering the purchase because he had given them a lot of information which I had overlooked out of my inexperience. The colour drained from my face!

He said the bank was planning to install the Strong Door on an ordinary brick and mortar wall and the remaining walls and roof of the room did not have any reinforcement either. It was like trying to keep out burglars with a cardboard cut-out picture of a Policeman. The door would deter any attack but the intruders only had to lean on the wall for it to collapse.

In the rush to clinch the deal I had forgotten many crucial steps. If I had been thorough the customer could have been made aware of the requirements quite early in the process. They would then have taken the budget clearance before placing the order and made the necessary modifications to the building.

I did not lose the order but it caused me a lot of embarrassment and anxiety; and the customer was more than a wee bit annoyed on account of the inconvenience caused.

It was a big lesson learnt!

After that incident I made sure that every step of the process is followed before every Sale. No last minute surprises sprung on the customer.

No matter what the product / service you are promoting there would be conditions to be fulfilled before the customer starts using it – it could relate to:

–          Documentation

–          Compliance

–          Construction

–          Training

–          Procurement of accessories

–          Backing up data

Being the solution provider you know what’s required and making your customer aware of it should be a mandatory step in the Sales Process.

The rules are simple:

–          Don’t ever make the customer ask,

–          Don’t embarrass or inconvenience your customer!

Make a big deal out of the small details and then every sale turns into a happy experience for you … and for your customer.

Deal …. Or, no Deal!

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