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Critical elements of Sales Success!

How do you define it?

You have been making sales calls, convincing prospects, winning business, bringing in revenue, reducing the sales cycle, up – selling, cross – selling, increasing success ratio – but do you know what is getting you there?

Without any understanding of the “What”, “How” and “Why” you can’t be consistent. How do you ensure that you are winning most of the time, if not all the time?

There are a few indicators of success in this game – I am going to share my thoughts on the subject over the next few days. Let me begin with the step where it all begins; it’s Prospecting – the process by which you add potential future customers into the Sales Process. They go into what is known as a Sales funnel – going down the funnel you get the more serious prospects, the ones who can give you business in the immediate future, and what comes out of the funnel is business – Customers and Revenue!

I am going to use 2 analogies to convey my thoughts about Prospecting.

Consider a coffee grinder – put the fried seeds at the top and get pleasant smelling powder at the bottom, which then gives you the stimulating brew. The quality of the powder and thence the quality of the coffee depends on the seed you put into the bowl – if you use inferior quality seeds, which have not been fried to the right degree you won’t get coffee of the expected quality!

I hope the message has been conveyed by this illustration!

Here is the second analogy – it’s another liquid, but from a different source!

You throw in a few halved oranges into the juicer to press out juice – not all the stuff thrown in gets converted into juice. There is some stuff that remains in the bowl – the rind, the skin and the fibrous part of the peels. We usually dump them into the garbage – but some discerning people retain them and turn them into other useful products – like fertilizer, medicine, cattle fodder and so on.

Carrying this thought forward we could use the prospects who couldn’t be converted today, on a later date. When you lose the sale, don’t lose the prospect – they can still be of use to you.

Quality of the Prospects you have shortlisted and their conversion are critical elements of success in Sales.

Don’t lose sight of your Prospects or soon the Sales Manager will tell you to wake up and smell the coffee!

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