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Spam your customer into submission!

That seems to be the new Marketing Mantra.

The big Corporations are the biggest culprits. Banks, Insurance Companies, Telecom Service Providers and Publishers were jostling for mind-space – with a plethora of avenues available after the advent of mobile telephony and Social Media one has to suffer the attack wherever we go – in the real world and in the virtual one.

On TV and print you are bombarded non-stop by Commercials – there are hour long shows on Prime time television where the real content lasts just 20-25 minutes and a good 30 – 35 are set aside for Commercials.

–          My SPAM folder is flooded with repeats of a Subscription offer from a leading International Business Magazine.

–          I receive at least half a dozen offers from my mobile service provider for various schemes on offer.

–          An Insurance company has been calling me for the last 15 days with a “UNBEATABLE ONCE-IN-A-LIFEIME” offer. The Agent won’t take “No!” for an answer.

I recently paid and got access to a large database – a nicely worded message was sent to them outlining the training programs on offer. Now there were instances of duplication in the database and my message got delivered more than once in some mailboxes. A few aggrieved parties wrote back – some were polite, but there couple of “Stop spamming me!”

Notes of apology were sent to everyone who wrote in and the redrafted Mailer included an apology (in advance) because I knew that there would be more instances before my campaign ended – it was the least I could do to assuage their agony.

But, such courtesies seemed non – existent in the policies of the Big Corps – they keep bludgeoning me with calls and messages. I need to consult with friends in the legal profession and find out if I can press for reparation for the agony caused.

Why am I saying all this to you? It’s to remind you about the suffering you may be causing unwittingly and to warn you about the pitfalls of such actions:

–          Are you visiting the customer too often? Is every visit a planned one – with consent of the customer?

–          Do you contact them once too often on the phone / chat?

–          Are too many messages being sent to his mailbox?

–          Are your tele-callers calling prospects too often?

Remember that other organisations are calling too!

Other Functions in your own organisations are conducting their own out-calling activity – such as Customer Service and Receivables Management Teams!

Listen carefully to what the customer is telling you about these activities – it makes sense to check with them regularly.

Don’t get *Trash”-ed by your own promotional activities!!

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