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Merry Christmas!

It’s Christmas – time to be with family and friends, a time to be happy, a time for having fun …

Readership on my page has dropped drastically the last 2 days – I am sure its because people are away on vacation or are taking a break from regular stuff. So I thought my blog post should stay away from a discussion on Sales and talk about the Spirit of Christmas.

While its the time for fun and partying let us remember what Christmas truly stands for; its about sacrifice, caring, sharing and giving!

– What have you shared during the past year?

– Whom have you forgiven?

– Who and what do you really care about?

– Have you given away a bit to someone needy?

During festivities and celebrations we remember our family, friends and colleagues; we send greeting cards, text messages or at the very least, an email. The really intimate friends or close family members are visited or invited home. But what about our customers?

Did you remember them this time?

In India, during Diwali most organisations send sweets and other gifts to their customers; visitors to the office are given goodies. Come January, across the World its a Corporate practice to give Diaries, Calenders and similar other items to key customers.

It is not the size or the value of the gift that matters – its the caring manner in which its done. Even a nicely worded message or a phone call would do. Remember you customers, give them a call and you will be remembered when they are making the buying decisions.

Spread happiness … it has a way of coming back to you – Merry Christmas!!

  1. G.Venu Gopal
    December 25, 2011 at 3:37 pm

    its true , one needs to remember ones customers too . need to be thankful to him for being with you and your organisation . you normally forget your customer during the holiday season and focus is on family and friends . its your customer who has given you the resources to celebrate with friends and family . so three cheers to all the good customers .

    • Jayadev
      December 26, 2011 at 2:41 pm

      Hi Venu,

      You are right! Quite often we forget the people who contributed to our success. Its whilst rejoicing that we ought remember the people who helped/motivated/promoted us. Thank you for sharing it here. I look forward to more inputs from you.

      Let me also place on record my thanks for all the contributions you have made towards my growth as a Sales Professional. Thank you!

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