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Play it by ear!

Any Blog is only as good as its readership!

I am honored by the number of hits my new Sales Blog has been receiving in just 2 weeks; my sincere wish is to see it grow in the days ahead. The support encourages me to keep writing!

Leaving a comment or sending in feedback after reading a post tells the author that there is active engagement with the content – the reader is able to link it with her / his experience.

I wish to highlight one feedback in this post – I had written in detail about the drill any Sales Pro has to go through before he starts the sales day, with specific mention to the contents of the Sales Kit. This is the reply from a former colleague:


Hi Jayadev,

I have been reading your posts on the subject. I am sure you would have explained in your training sessions live examples of our sales experiences in Trivandrum. I recall especially when you talked about the Sales Kit how our friend Kumar (Name changed) used to walk into the Indo – Swiss Project Office empty – handed as if going for an evening walk. He was on a sales call – no catalogue, no pen, no calculator, nothing – he had walked in just like that!

The 6 and 1/2 foot tall Swiss Gentleman would say – “Oh! Even today you have no notepad?”

Our friend Kumar would point to notepad on the customer’s table and the Genial Giant would laugh loudly and say – “Oh! And I see that you don’t have a pen either?”

But at the end of the day Kumar used to walk out of that office within a large order. That’s Customer Relations which no Sales Coach would imagine.


I fully agree with my colleague’s assessment. My one line response to his mail was:

–          Emotions trump practicality any day; or else nobody will ever fall in love!!

Heart usually wins over the Head!! Kumar wasn’t visiting the Indo-Swiss Project for the first time. He had a strong business relationship with the client and had been delivering on all expectations – if he had been sloppy or unreliable in the run up to the meeting described above, the customer would have thrown him out of his office in ten seconds.

I will not recommend such practice to any Sales Pro. You need to know your customer well before you take such risks.

You may get away by not following accepted practices – here my suggestion: Play it by ear, but stop short of being thrown out on your ear!

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