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Stand Out!

Why do you seek out a particular friend all the time? Why do you find some people interesting? At a party that has many of our friends and acquaintances why do we gravitate towards some people and away from some others?

I guess these questions cannot be answered in a single word. You might have a whole host of reasons for choosing your company but it all boils done to one word. You find that person INTERESTING, one way or the other.

Maybe, he or she is

–           Attractive, you like being with that person, or

–          is a good raconteur, someone who is a treasure – house of jokes and anecdotes or

–          is a person who has gone on exciting trips (something you always wished to do and couldn’t) or

–          is someone who can give good advice.

The reason can be one or many, but you find this person interesting because he or she is able to BENEFIT you in some way. You gain by associating with that person.

BINGO! You have the answer to how you can get the customer interested in you. No, I am not asking you to rush to the beautician and get a make-over done in order to be attractive – You are good just the way you are! J

Can you stand out from the rest of the pack in some way?

–          Can you be the expert in your domain go beyond being just the Sales Guy?

If you are the Advisor for an Insurance Company can you provide the customer information on trends in investment or saving patterns or other popular avenue for saving?

There are Representatives of Pharma Companies who take the trouble to develop knowledge about the products they promote; before you start telling me that it’s mandatory, let me hasten to add that the study goes way beyond the requirement of their job. They research into the product, its history, the alternatives and the implications. They learn up on the impact of the drug on a variety of conditions. They then become consultants to the doctor on that subject.

–          Can you provide useful information on a subject the customer is interested in?

As you develop your business relationship with your customer and get to know the person better you understand the person’s interests and get to know more about his personal life. No, you don’t have to nosey, but a smart person will soon be able to develop a profile of this person from what they see and hear.  If, for example, the customer’s child is in the process of choosing a professional college for higher education can you provide some insight beyond what is available in the public domain?

Now, the caveat here is not to meander away from your main business while you make yourself  interesting – don’t be just a good time guy. Get your business done too!

Have messages that others find useful, provide interesting perspectives …  be the one people look for when they want to discuss a subject; raise yourself to the level of an expert!

You will soon find that your Sales Numbers look interesting too!!

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