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Lucky 13!!

So I have achieved a dozen Posts! Let me use the 13th one to talk about my good luck!

When we graduated from college (seems like a lifetime ago – although not that long back it definitely was in the last century!) the preferred career paths for most of us youngsters were the following:

–          Become an Engineer or a Doctor

–          Join the Indian Administrative Service

–          Be an Officer in a Nationalized Bank

–          Join the Armed Forces

–          Seek a Government Job

–          Find a job in the Persian Gulf and earn Petro Dollars

–          Be some other professional – Chartered Accountant / Journalist / Advocate

Of course, there were the really, really smart kids who wrote exams and qualified for a seat in the top Universities in USA and UK and settled for careers abroad after studies.

The MBA or the high-flying jobs in Investment Banking and Securities Trading had not hit the scheme yet in the sheltered and closed Indian economy. Even the Insurance and Aviation sectors were ruled by the Government-owned companies.

It was in the early 90s that India did away with its licensing policies for the Industrial Sector and opened its door to foreign investment – we saw an explosion of industrial and commercial activity and the private sector blossomed. With that came opportunities for a lot more people – the number and variety of jobs proliferated particularly in the Services Sector.

A discerning eye would have noticed that something is missing in what I have said so far – Sales or a career in Sales did not find any mention – that’s because it was not considered a HOT career back then!

Back then even I had not considered Sales as my first or even second option – I just stumbled into it when my preferred lines became unattainable and learned the ropes along the way.

Although perceptions have changed a lot and many opt for Sales jobs today there is still a lurking belief that Sales Professionals are fast–talkers and smooth-operators and people to be wary off.

Isn’t it funny that there are such feelings towards Sales Professionals when in reality every successful person is a Salesperson – Presidents win Elections, Visionaries get buy-in for their Dreams, Gurus promote their Concepts and Lovers win over each other through the power of persuasion, which is the prime weapon in a Sales Pro’s armoury!

Knowing the pulse of the audience, understanding their needs, providing solutions that fulfill those needs and helping people realize their dreams is what a Sales Pro does. This guy has developed those skills into a fine-art. That’s what achievers in other professions aspire to do too!

I like to think that the barbs thrown at us Sales professionals are just out of envy – because we are one up the them! 🙂

Although not by choice I ended up doing something I really enjoy. I am Lucky by chance!!

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  1. Suresh A
    December 20, 2011 at 11:46 am

    Sir, Nice post on Sales Professionals . Have you anytime tried to analyse the kind of people who end up in a sales career. We can certainly identify similar patterns among the students who are winners in their sales profession. I have seen good artists on stage, student involved in campus politics becoming good sales men in their careers. These guys would not be great in academics, an average guy but interested in lot of things other than studies. Many actors in the industry were previously sales guys like N F Varghese in Malayalam industry.

    With Warm Regards


    • Jayadev
      December 20, 2011 at 12:29 pm


      Great insights! Thanks for sharing your thoughts here.

      That is true – Sales guys may not be academically brilliant, but they are smart, like to get involved in a lot of activities and enjoy interacting with others. These are traits quite common among Sales Professionals.

      I should follow up on this thought of yours and try to create an identikit profile of a Sales Pro – I know there are models available elsewhere but it will be a worthwhile exercise!

  2. vijay Gargipati
    December 20, 2011 at 11:47 am

    it seems to me like its my story!!!!my choice of career also was not out of choice but i like to believe i grew into it and started enjoying it gradually, and today i feel i would not have enjoyed any other profession as much!!!!

    • Jayadev
      December 20, 2011 at 12:07 pm


      This is a recurring story and a strange one too. We are reluctant starters but soon fall for its charms. We can’t deny that the perks are good. 🙂 And the visibility we get as Sales Professionals … Its heady! I am glad you are enjoying your career in Sales. Wishing you more success in the days ahead!

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