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Let’s get down to brass-tacks!

I am sure you have a routine or follow a ritual while preparing for Sales Calls / Presentations.

Here are some thoughts on the subject:

  1. I won’t get into the details of grooming, but suffice it to say “IT MATTERS!” One may wonder why it should matter in Sales but the truth is that it does. Don’t take a risk, be dressed for the occasion. Personal hygiene, shave, smart hair-cut, suitable attire, matching shoes and accessories are essentials parts of the ensemble.

Let us not waste time arguing about it – unless you are the only source of a ITS-TO-DIE-FOR product you better be presentable! Customers expect it from you.

2. The Sales Kit must have everything that you might want to show the customer or anything the customer might ask for during the visit. Think through all the appointments planned for the day and have everything organized. Double check!

If you are making a presentation, the slides, the Demo equipment, props and the support cast better be prepared and ready for it. Any fumble or missing element can take the edge off your pitch. Keep handy the proof, the testimonial or anything promised to validate your statements.

Remember, the competition might do a better job and beat you to it!

3. So you are properly groomed, your Sales Kit is ready … but does it mean that you are ready?

Have you made a plan for each call? What do you expect to achieve by the end of each call? There is no bigger crime in Sales than going for a call without any objective or outcome planned? You might as well not make a call.

–          Prepare the questions that you would ask to understand the customer’s pain–points / needs

–          Have the answers for the questions / concerns expressed by customer earlier or that might possibly arise during this call.

If you go into a sales call without a planned outcome you are getting nowhere. You may not achieve the outcome every time, but by having it planned everything you do during the call will be focused and structured. Without this preparation you journey towards closing to the sale is going to be an uphill one.

Why does a military parade look smart and well–coordinated – it’s because they are well–groomed, everything was planned and they have been through the routine many times over!

Don’t take a risk – Do the drill!!

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