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The Endless Chain

John has made a prestigious sale – order received, product delivered as ordered and payment received. Sale done!

“Phew, I am that much closer to achieving my Annual Sales Target!” he mused.

Job well done, time for John to move on to the next sale, right?

Well, yes!! But, if he has executed all steps in the just concluded sale to the satisfaction of his customer, John would know that there is one more step left for him to complete. Every smart Sales Professional uses this technique to increase his Sales Efficiency and Productivity.

It “asking for a referral”

Yes, just after completing a successful sale is one the good times to ask your customer to give you name(s) of friends / associates who would be interested in your service / product. The other opportune moments to ask for a referral are:

–          Just after solving a service issue or

–          When the customer appreciates your product or company

The timing and actions are extremely important. Strike when the iron is hot. Tomorrow is too late – it has to be done when the customer is in the right frame of mind.

As Sales Professionals, give yourself a pat on the back if the customer volunteers to refer you to a friend – he calls a friend / business associate in your presence to speak in praise of your product / service. It means you have done a terrific job and made a huge impression. Fantastic!

But let me quickly remind you to do the following, without fail. No slip-ups here, please!

  1. Thank the customer for the reference
  2. Meet the referred party on schedule – Never postpone or forget!
  3. Give this prospect the same Sales / Service experience
  4. Remember to call the first customer and thank him when the sale is closed

Caveat – By messing up a referral sale you are making two enemies and spoiling all the good work done! (Do not pass Go! Do not collect 200 dollars!!)

So John and You can create an endless chain of prospects and make rapid strides towards your Annual Business Objectives by creating excellent buying experience for your customers, every time!

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