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What Clicks?

Many years back, while working with an office equipment company, we ran a campaign in our territory that helped us exceed our annual quota by a huge margin.

It had been tough going till then – we were behind our quotas and the bosses were losing patience. And then the tide turned!

All it took was a Photograph. (A picture is worth a 1000 words, right?)

A small Cooperative bank in our territory had been robbed – the burglars had come in through the tiled roof during the weekend and opened the poor-quality Cash Safe, made by a local manufacturer. They had forced open the Safe with the most basic tools and made off with the cash and valuables stored in it. The “Strong Room” was a regular brick-walled room having an ordinary wooden door.

The newspapers ran the story next day with a photograph of the burgled Safe.

We prepared a carefully worded Mailer about the need for better quality Security Equipment in local banks and added the photo of the damaged Safe, from the newspaper, for impact. It was sent to all the banks in our territory. A presentation was made to the Chairman of the Apex Bank in the Cooperative Sector about our Security Equipment and how the banks could prevent further incidents of this nature by using them.

Our company manufactured the best Safes and Strong-room Doors in the country – made with special alloys they were in use at all leading banks in the country. The Chairman was impressed; he sent a note to all the banks in the network saying they should upgrade safety features and that they should connect us immediately in this regard.

We literally made a killing – our Manager’s smart observation in sensing a huge opportunity and moving swiftly paid rich dividends. Before the competition knew it we were all over the place. They made a few sales too but we had the advantage – being the first mover and also because we had the Chairman’s backing.

Are we constantly on the lookout for opportunities? Any event – change in Government Policy, customer behaviour or even change in weather – could be the indicator of new opportunity, and the harbinger of success.

Remember, all it will take is a photograph … for you to click!!

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