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Are we on the Same Page?

The Internet connection went on the blink … Doomsday!

I am able to speak with the Call Centre Executive only after a good 10-12 minutes, during which I was kept entertained by this recorded chant: “Your call is important to us. Please Hold On!”

By the time the Executive’s voice reached my ear a small storm had built up in my head and it was waiting to explode.

“XYZ Communication, please tell us your complaint.”

I maintain composure, and knowing the ritual I said – “Our internet link is down – My customer ID is AB 78526.

The Executive replies – “Sir, 4, 3? …. Can you say the number again?

If you noticed I had never mentioned 4 or 3! I flipped; my voice rose a few decibels – “I did not say 3 or 4; how did you hear that?”

Maybe there was a lot of background noise or disturbance from co-workers – the least this Executive could have done is to have said: “Sir, I am sorry – there is some noise here and I missed hearing what you said. Could you kindly repeat that ID again?”

I would still have been a bit irritated but excused him for not hearing – he had taken the trouble to clarify.

–          How often do Executive or any of us try to give clarity on the situation or the action that’s going to be taken?

–          Do we take the trouble to get our customer or prospect on the same page?

–          Do we sense their angst or concern and get a buy-in from them by using the right words or by expressing the right feeling.

The first thing this executive could have done is to have said – “Sir, you probably have been waiting a while to reach me. I know how irritating it can be. Kindly excuse us. We are having exceptionally high traffic on our lines due to …….”

It is important to give the customer a feeling that we care and that we are here to solve their issues – and doing that is our priority. All good Sales and Service Professionals tell the customer at each step what they are going to do and get the customer on the same page.

The next step is to make sure that we do what is promised – but let’s discuss that another time.

  1. Shantanu
    December 9, 2011 at 1:11 pm

    Talk of Customer Service in India… it sucks!! Big Time!! in bold upper caps!!!!!
    One has to just hop across to some of the countries in SE Asia… at least 50% better at an average!

    • Jayadev
      December 11, 2011 at 6:24 pm

      Shantanu, probably organisation’s are taking CS for granted because the customer is not demanding for more and the regulatory environment does not penalise the wrong-doer. And due to growing demand for products organisation’s have not started feeling the pinch from lost customers. As market matures things have to change. In the meantime we as customer’s need to push companies to give us value for money.

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