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Sell to the Ears and the Eyes!!

I walked to the sweet meats / savouries shop in the neighbourhood earlier this evening to buy a snack – that it was midway through my evening health regimen talks a lot about my health-plan!

The owner of the shop gave me a blank stare – he wore the traditional Kerala attire, dhoti, and a shirt. Perched on a stool behind the display counter he had one leg propped against the counter for comfort. There were other customers in the store too.  The stuff the shop sold was toothsome without being outstanding and business was reasonably good from what I have seen during my visits.  They were still new, having started operations just 2 months back.There were couple of display cases with the typical South Indian sweets and savouries – Laddoo, Jelebi, Murukku, Pokkoda, etc; and they all made fresh vadas which could be had fresh and hot in the store.

I was put-off by the man’s lackadaisical approach. He showed no sign of courtesy to any customer – neither was he maintaining a civil posture nor did he make polite conversation with the customers. His questions were brusque and he ordered the assistant to fetch the stuff ordered. There was no smile while accepting the money, not even a mumbled “Thank you!”  His is not the only shop in the neighbourhood that sells traditional snack food; the only USP I could think of was the freshness of the products – the customer could see it being made, right in front of his eyes.

But given the lack of civilities and appreciation for the patronage I wondered how long he would be able to maintain the clientele? It was not a business model that could not be replicated!

My question to all of you is this. How aware are you of the posture you maintain in front of the customer? And your mannerisms, gestures and expressions? Are you aware that customers could refuse to buy or may get annoyed by such things?  Yours could be a one-of-a- kind product but still you may not make the cut because you did or said something that rubbed your customer the wrong way.

– You sounded arrogant

– You maintained a casual posture

– You did not make eye – contact

– You did not give the customer time to make his point

– You were taking the customer for granted

– You dress sense and grooming was not up to the mark

– You were on the phone for too long while the customer waited!

These are but a few of the reasons for which customer may walk away or refuse to do business with you.  It is very important that we maintain appropriate posture, put on a pleasant expression and pay attention. Even after doing all of the above you still may not make the sale, but you have made a favourable impression and the customer may think of you the next time there is a need!

Happy Selling!

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  1. December 11, 2011 at 4:04 am

    Nice one Jayadev. Completely agree with your point of view. The only thing I feel is that you have not suggested in your blog, as to how people check, if they are making these mistakes. That would add lot of value for the readers.

    • Jayadev
      December 11, 2011 at 6:12 pm

      Hey Ravi
      Thank you for leaving a comment. I agree with you – some tips to take remedial measures would help the reader.
      Do drop by again!! Jayadev

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